B A R S A L I N, the builders behind the 2018 Hampton Designer show house, build luxury homes in the Hamptons. Barsalin uses a unique approach to construction/design. We build the interior and exterior of our homes with a single vision. All the details support a unified whole. The result:  a timeless appearance, calming interiors, and a valuable investment.  

B A R S A L I N can build your high-end custom home with both the interior and the exterior design complimenting and completing each other.  At Barsalin we know that beauty arises from details: we give your home that 'classic look' with today's modern touches. A look that will not go out of style. 

Barsalin's Unique Approach Brings Top-Class Design to Your Project

You get a top-class interior designer who works side by side with our management team, formulating and tweaking all elements and details to perfection. The uniqueness of Barsalin comes from the true design element we bring to all the stages of your project. All choices and options will follow from a balanced vision on design, guaranteeing a subtle unity between all the elements of your home. Making every room cohesive with each other.  

Barsalin is one of only a few premier construction companies on Long Island that offers this advantage.